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In this session, we talk about your current state of health, your eating and exercise habits and your goals for the future. Together we set realistic goals that fit into your life style. I can help you with weight loss and weight gain, suspicion of food intolerances, obtaining more energy by eating healthy. It is possible to arrange a follow-up meeting a couple of weeks after our first session, where you have the opportunity to share your experiences, wins and frustrations, and we will discuss and plan your next steps.


This program is designed to give you the opportunities you need for a permanent lifestyle change. It's not about strict dieting and hard work out. We work with your habits and your feelings towards food. You learn to listen to your body and become aware of your eating patterns. Together we make a strategy that will lead you to your goal. Throughout the program, you will continuously receive support and counseling.

I will help you to a life without food stress, restrictions and calorie counting

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I believe that lifestyle changes should fit into your life, and not the other way around. Moreover, nutritional changes should fit into an ordinary life. A life filled with temptations, birthdays and celebrations – all occasions that often include good food.
The fact is that if your everyday life becomes healthier, you become healthier and you will get more energy to do that little ‘extra’.
I live in Switzerland with my husband and our two children. I know how it is to be busy. I know it can be difficult to enjoy cooking when your children are lying on the floor screaming because they are tired and hungry. However, now I have learned how to combine a healthy lifestyle with a normal busy life, with work and children. Not because I am a superwoman, but because I became aware of my bad habits and high expectations, I revised and started to change them one at a time. This has made my family and I more in balance, and made our everyday life both easier, less stressful and healthier.


Gry Persson

BA Health & Nutrition & MA Educational Anthropoligy


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