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When your food makes you sick Part II

When your food makes you sick PArt II

  I will tell you about the symptoms I experienced in this whole process. As I wrote in Part I, it started with a vitamin B12 deficiency. However, after the third round of vitamin injections, my symptoms did not go away, and they had changed. I experienced disabling headaches, nausea, dizziness to the point that…

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Gluten and dairy free cinnamon rolls without added sugar

Gluten and dairy free cinnamon rolls without added sugar

I must honestly admit that I surprised myself with this recipe for cinnamon rolls. Even Troels was surprised when I told him they were both dairy, gluten and sugar free. The gluten and dairy free dough: • 300 ml cashew milk (or other plant milk) • ⅓ pack yeast • 3 teaspoon psyllium powder •…

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Can your diet improve your fertility?

Fertility improvement

  I believe it can, there are off course no guarantees, but I believe that you can prepare your body for a pregnancy. To nourish your body so it obtain the best circumstances of conceiving. In this post, I will tell you about my own pregnancies, or more correctly the time up to my pregnancies.…

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Leftover granola bar

The other day I had made too much quinoa and since I knew we did not get to eat them, I had to find something else I could use them. It ended up as granola bars or crispbread if you like. They actually got really good and work super like a quick snack on the…

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Vegetarian pasta Bolognese

  Meat Free days are both healthy for you and the environment. For the moment, we do not eat a lot of meat, but it varies from time to time. I have small children and they are not always as interested in trying new exciting recipes as we parents are. So instead we vegetarian versions…

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Oil & Vinegar dressing with a twist

  This dressing got so much attention on instagram that I had to share the recipe with you here also. It started out like a plain oil & vinegar dressing, but since my son and I had been to the local vegetable / fruit market a couple of days in before, I had some spinach…

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Two pumpkin seeds recipes

Pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin season is on there is literally pumpkins everywhere. All food bloggers, instagrammers and you tubers have already shared their first pumpkin recipes. It’s time for me to join. Here is two of my favorite pumpkin seeds recipes. Salted pumpkin seeds: After cleaning the pumpkin seeds, boil them in light salted water for approx.…

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