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Aprils vegetables

There are many benefits of using the local delicious fruits and vegetables, which the season offers. They are fresh and I in my opinion this makes them taste so much better, they have not travelled around the world to reach your plate, and they are cheaper. This off course varies a lot from where in the world you are, but this list are from Switzerland.
I have listed some here:

• KohlrabiApril vegetabels
• Chicory
• Turnip
• Corn Salad
• Rhubarb
• Asparagus
• Apples
• Cabbage
• Herb Stalk
• Romanesco
• Spinach

There are many more reasons and vegetables, but just let yourself get inspired by the pictures, and then keep an eye on my blog to find recipes that include the seasonal fruits and vegetables of Switzerland.

april vegetables in Switzerland
– Gry Persson

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