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When our daughter was 1 year, we had agreed to try to become pregnant again. To be honest I think we both would have waited. However, do to our age and the factor that it took us two years to become pregnant the first time. It off course did not happen right away, and the old anxiety towards if it ever was going to happen, appeared really fast.

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The feelings and frustrations

I had to friends in who became pregnant right away, and that off course did not help. Then I also had to deal with the mixed emotions, where I on one hand of course were overly happy on their behalves but also so really sad, that it were not us. Everybody who has had difficulties getting pregnant knows this I believe.
I was starting to get desperate, I did not act on it, and it stayed in me as a feeling, of uncertainty. I started to not enjoy being intimate with my husband, it became something that I had to do if I wanted to get pregnant.

I changed my mind-set

I took a thorough look at myself, and decided to find my old passion towards healthy cooking. I started experimenting in the kitchen. And reading the newest studies about nutrition and fertility. I started to make some small changes in what we ate. For example, removed soy from our diet, I started to have meat free days, and I took out most sugar. I did not do much, but I changed my mind-set, and it helped. One month after I had that feeling.

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The test

I went to the supermarket with my girl, and bought a pregnancy test and went to the playground. When we got home, I took the test. And it was positive. I was laughing and crying, I do not think Karla has ever been as confused as she was in that moment. I am not the type that can wait, and surprise the husband with a cute little gift. So I took a picture of the test and sent to my husband. He thought it was a cute picture of Karla and opened it, on his computer in an open office space. And on his screen, a huge positive pregnancy test appeared. I think he managed to close it before anyone saw it.

Your mind as your worst enemy

As I concluded in part I, it might not have been due to the diet changes that we got pregnant. The same I conclude this time. It can might as well have something to do with the change of mind-set, the feeling of doing something, finding an old passion, or just the right time. We will never know. Nevertheless, my husband and I today have a fast, funny, sometimes to brave 3-year-old boy.

Gry Persson nutritionist, son Walter 3 years birthday

How I work

In my work with women who wish for pregnancy, I of course use my own experiences. I not only work with women who have tried for a while to become pregnant. I also have clients who wish to prepare their body for a pregnancy, just as if they would if they were to run a marathon. Amongst other, that is why I have started a university course on nutrition during the pregnancy. So if you join my 6 months program and get pregnant before the 6 months. I can help you in the jungle of dos and don’ts in the matter of nutrition advices during pregnancy. You can read more here.

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