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The family of Nutritionist Gry Persson


I believe it can, there are off course no guarantees, but I believe that you can prepare your body for a pregnancy. To nourish your body so it obtain the best circumstances of conceiving. In this post, I will tell you about my own pregnancies, or more correctly the time up to my pregnancies.

The official diagnose

My daughter, who is our first child, was born in 2013. Before that, we had tried two years to get pregnant. First one year on our own, and then one year in fertility treatment. Those of you who have experienced fertility treatment knows that before you do anything you undergo a dozen of test. All our tests was fine except for one, it turned out that I have 1 blocked ovary. In the fertility treatment world that means that, we could only get the IUI every second month, when the egg was on the “right” side/ovary.

I said no to IVF

To make a long exhausting story short, we had two unsuccessful tries. After the second one, we were accepted to receive IVF treatment. After reading about the process and dealing with other circumstances that was happening in our lives at that time. I told my husband that I was not ready for IVF, but I would do our last IUI (In Denmark you get three treatments), and then I would need a fertility treatment break.

I took matters into own hands

That month I took the hormones like all the other months. I went to the scans to follow the egg to see son which side it would develop. After 10 days of hormones, I was cancelled because the egg was developing more on the “wrong” side.

After that message, I walked home to clear my thoughts. I was really sad, frustrated and in very much doubt.

I came to the decision to change some things in my diet. We usually eat healthy, but a have a sweet tooth, and for a while, I had felt like my body was out of balance. I started to cut out most sugar, and then I started on an anti-inflammatory diet. I know many health professionals say that there are no food that are anti-inflammatory. Nevertheless, I believe that there are food that are and can stress our systems, and then you can call it what you like.

Fertility diet

The month it happened
As I wrote earlier, other things was happening at that time. We just signed the contract with my husband’s work, which would sends us to Switzerland. The weeks went by, I waited to get my period so we could get on with a new try. One night I dreamt that I took a positive pregnancy test. When I woke up, I decided to take test, just to be sure. And wow, it was as positive as it could get.

It might not have been the small changes I made in my diet, it could might as well be that my mind was on something else. It could also be the fact that I again felt that was in control of my own destiny. Nevertheless, my husband and I today have a beautiful, gentle, loving, smart and brave 5-year-old girl, who enjoys life.

Gry Persson

Fertility improvement

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