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Risotto without dairy

Risotto recipe

One thing we a lot of at our house, is risotto. It’s so easy to make, it’s allergy friendly and both adults and children loves it. I have to admit though, that the amount of vegetables varies whether it’s me or my husband who is making it. Recipe for 4 persons: 200 g mushrooms 3…

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Potato Soup

Potatosoup With extra protein

Soup is a great way to get a lot of vegetables into your diet. In my house, we always make a large pot of soup so we have it for several days. This soup is also freezer friendly, so you can save it for another day. 200 g of dried white beans 1.5 kg potatoes…

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Gluten Free bread

Gluten Free Buns recipe

I remember the first time I tasted gluten free bread, it was years ago. I never forget it tasted terrible, it was boring and dry. So excluding gluten from my diet, brought back bad memories. I have tried different recipes, change a little here and there, and ended up with this recipe. The buns that…

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Gluten and dairy free cinnamon rolls without added sugar

Gluten and dairy free cinnamon rolls without added sugar

I must honestly admit that I surprised myself with this recipe for cinnamon rolls. Even Troels was surprised when I told him they were both dairy, gluten and sugar free. The gluten and dairy free dough: • 300 ml cashew milk (or other plant milk) • ⅓ pack yeast • 3 teaspoon psyllium powder •…

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Vegetarian pasta Bolognese

  Meat Free days are both healthy for you and the environment. For the moment, we do not eat a lot of meat, but it varies from time to time. I have small children and they are not always as interested in trying new exciting recipes as we parents are. So instead we vegetarian versions…

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