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The first step towards a healthy body and mental surplus, does not involve dramatic changes in your life. The moment you take action and make the decision to change – that is the moment you will no longer feel bad in your own body.

"I was in one of Gry’s programs, and I find her to be a super talented and inspiring dietitian. Her knowledge of food and the body is great, and at the same time, she manages to link it with my current situation. I have got really good inspiration for snacks and dinner recipes which are easy to make and taste great. I was particularly surprised by the gluten-free buns, which taste amazing. I highly recommend Gry whether you want to gain weight, lose weight or just get a look at your lifestyle and inspiration for new meals."

- Karina


"I would recommend Gry anytime! She is passionate, skilled, honest, and inspiring. I have been through a program with Gry, where focus was on being less picky regarding vegetables, weight loss and get strategies on how to obtain a more stable everyday life for the purpose of my food and eating habits. All done with great success. On top of that I now have more self-confidence, which clearly comes after our talks. I’m more than happy, thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

- Amanda


"I've been through an 8 week program with Gry. It has been an amazing experience. I personally had a hard time with my self-image and needed someone from outside to help me. I have learned to accept myself for who I am and how I look, and because of that I am now more self confident. I would still love to lose 5 kg, but it will come. Thanks for a great cooperation Gry.

I would definitely recommend Gry whether it is about weight loss / gain or like me that you need someone to support you and advice you on everyday challenges." 

- Maria


"Gry has been super good at listening and learning about my needs. She has shown great understanding of my situation, and she has helped me get a completely different view of a healthy lifestyle. Gry, as a person, is incredibly comfortable, but she still understands how to get rid of the bad habits and personal boundaries. I can definitely recommend Gry if you are in a situation where you need a dietician who understands other than just counting calories."

- Camilla


"Gry is really good to get to the core of what 'the problem' is. She is super constructive, and I have learned a lot from working with her. We found out that my challenge was that If I didn't get enough to eat during the day, I would lose energy in the afternoon and binge candy, cake, etc. But by focusing on my snacks, I was no longer hungry and I had much more energy. It was very liberating not to think about food all the time. Gry is fantastic, and I have been super happy with our cooperation. "

- Gitte




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