I specialize in weight loss and lifestyle changes, by working with your mental barriers, restricted eating and to avoid food stress

"To begin with, Gry made me promise that I had been on my last diet. Instead, we talked about my habits, she helped me change the bad ones, and focus on the good. I can honestly say that I believe that I have succeeded in changing my lifestyle." – Birgitte



What you eat and how you eat, is often affected by the culture you live in, and the habits you have acquired through your life.
I have a Master in Educational Anthropology and a Bachelor in Health and Nutrition. With that combination, I draw a direct line between your culture and your eating habits. I help you recognize which bad habits you might have adapted, so you can take control and change them.
In Switzerland where I live with my husband and two children, hiking is close to a national sport. You meet up with friends and family and the togetherness involves being active. In Denmark where I am born and raised, togetherness is often combined with eating. I am not saying that one thing is better than the other is, but I find it important to find a healthy balance of being active and eating good food.
That is what I do. I help you to recognize where your habits come from. Whether they are mentally or culturally rooted, I can help you recognize the cultural norms that are in your family, when you are with friends, and the ones you have taken on during your life. I believe that the best way to change your unhealthy habits is to recognize them, and work with them from there. My mission is to teach you to feel the difference
I am very passionate about healthy nutrition, I know, and have felt on my own body, how the food I eat influence my body both mentally and psychically.
I know what it is like to lead a busy life and how things can seem difficult. I have started my own family and my own business in a foreign country without any relatives nearby and without my childhood friends. I have however, managed to find a balance between a busy life and a healthy life. My hope is to guide you so you too can manage your busy life while at the same time living healthy. A healthy body is a happy body.

Welcome to my life!


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