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New look, same Pers(s)on

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I have been working on some things during the summer. As you may know, Colleen and I started From the Garden Health & Nutrition Consulting, unfortunately Colleen moved and therefore left our little company. I decided to continue in the direction we had started, but after some time I realized it was not right, I was missing Colleen. Instead, I’ve chosen to start over, that is, I’m continuing my work with the beautiful cool women I’m already working with. But the platform will be another. I have a new name, or that means I have had it for 38 years, but now my company is called the same. With the name follows a new a new website, and two new blogs, one is the one you’re reading right now, the other one is about the life as an expat & being multi allergic, I’ll share that one with you later. I also have an Instagram, facebook and a Pinterest account. There will also be some changes on these platforms. Here I will be sharing a lot more about how our little family tries to live a healthy and balanced life, and hope that it can help inspire others. There will be recipes, descriptions of trips we have been on, and not least, I will share a weekly meal plan every Thursday incl. recipes and shopping slip. I will still do what I love the most offer health and nutrition consultations, for those in the Basel area, I will also be offering walk and talk consultations, and for others I will continue with online consultations. Hope you will welcome and share this message.

Gry Persson


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