Do you want to be able to enjoy an ice cream with your children?

Without having a bad conscience or to stress about how many Km you need to run to burn of the calories.


Do you wish to lose weight?

Without skipping out of social gatherings because you simply cannot see how you, when and what you are allowed to eat.


Are you for the last time done with dieting, following diet plans or counting calories? We will not focus on the perfect swimsuit body nor will I expect you to change your whole life to follow one specific diet. Instead, we will work around your life, routines and preferences. We will work with your habits and feelings regarding food, focus on you starting to feel and recognize your bodies signals again, and acting on them. A program with me is for you whose goal is that a healthy lifestyle should be a natural part of your everyday life, with all that comes with that.


250 CHF.
  • Preliminary consultation - 60 min.
  • 2 Follow-up consultations - 30 min


400 CHF.
  • Preliminary consultation - 60 min.
  • 4 Follow-up consultations - 30 min.


700 CHF.
  • Preliminary consultation - 60 min.
  • 6 Follow-up consultations - 30 min.

Are you afraid of losing the motivation?

Because I know how difficult it can be to stay motivated when the everyday life hits, and you might feel alone in this process. I also give you:

  • Access to me via SMS App throughout the whole program.
  • A recipe book filled with healthy inspiring recipes.
Nutritionist Gry Persson

Are you ready for this to be you?

"I now have an overview over what I eat, and know what to focus on."

"I don’t go all day and think about how to eat without anybody noticing. And I still managed to lose 5 kg. in 8 weeks." 

"I lost the last 8 kg. of baby weight, without starving."

"Today I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I haven’t been able to do this since I was a child."