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When your food makes you sick PArt II


I will tell you about the symptoms I experienced in this whole process. As I wrote in Part I, it started with a vitamin B12 deficiency. However, after the third round of vitamin injections, my symptoms did not go away, and they had changed. I experienced disabling headaches, nausea, dizziness to the point that I could not drive the car, tiredness, my sight had changed, brain fog. However, the worst was the mental part. I was irritable, I could explode in no time, I was angry and bitter, I could not think straight. When I was reading, even children’s books, the words would change places. I would forget things and be confused.

What the doctor thought

The doctors conclusion was that I had a burnout. I probably also did, it can be very exhausting not to be functioning. On top of that, we had moved the year before. As treatment my doctor recommended me to see a therapist, which I did, and a physiotherapist, which I also did. Nevertheless, he did not listen to me when I told him that it was as if my body was out of balance, as I had “poison” inside me. Ok I admit when writing about it, I can understand why he recommended me to see a therapist.

How I used the “official” treatment?

The physiotherapist did wonders to me. She loosened up my neck and shoulders. I have two children. Pregnancies, breastfeeding and playing with toddlers, is tough on the body.
I also went to see a therapist, I have talked to her about the burnout, and learned strategies to avoid burning out again. However, none of it took away my symptoms completely.

What did I do myself?

I decides to make some changes in my diet. I started out with eliminating diet, it was a long and frustrating process. But to figure out which foods you are intolerant towards, I believe an eliminating diet is the only way to go. It was a long process, trying this and that. Not being totally convinced that I was on the right track. But I can honestly say, that I today are much wiser on what to completely exclude from my diet, what I can eat a little of and what gives me no problems. At the same time, i tried on my own what i help my clients with. This will definitely help me to understand their frustrations and doubts in my work with them.

What I could have used in this process

Was someone that really believed in me. I totally understand where the doctor and therapist comes from; they have their educations, that I respect very much. However, I am the one that is supposed to be the expert on my own body/mind, and I felt a bid excluded in this. Luckily I had so much trust in myself that I regained the feeling of being in control again.
I use the experience and what I learned from it, in my work as a nutritionist. I focus on what my client’s feels and think, and teach them to be the experts on themselves again. To get their intuition back, and not focus on how they are supposed to feel or do.

When your food makes you sick, by Gry Persson

Gry Persson

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